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ED2012 Physical Review: bANGER (Tara Cheyenne Performance)

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Despite reading about ‘bANGER’ in numerous programmes, it is still surprising to see Tara Cheyenne Friedenburg’s transformation: her immersion into the role of a social misfit who loses himself in rock music to cope with his high-school hell is incredible. Friedenburg begins by jokingly revealing that she is “half man”- on her father’s side, however this comedic tone quickly becomes more sober, and the protagonist will be related to by anyone who can recall their awkward teenage years, even if not a rock fan. Featuring impressive acting and of course, stomping, hard rock inspired dance moves complemented by a wind and smoke machine in overdrive: the world of ‘bANGER’ is not inhabited by elegant dancing and would be a travesty if it was.

Dance Base, National Centre for Dance, 4-12 Aug (not 6), 6.00pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Beth Dawson]


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