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ED2012 Physical Review: Beyond (Grazia Capri)

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A single black chair occupies an otherwise empty white studio as a woman, fresh out of the shower, emerges. Over the next forty-three minutes, Grazia Capri shares an intimate, near-silent exploration of the body and its relationship to the space: dragging her feet along the floor, sliding her head against the walls, stroking her loose wet hair. She is sensitive to her surroundings, experiencing them for their sensory potential; surpassing the physical shell of her being and going beyond. Capri challenges preconceptions of comfortable viewing by creating awkward angles in her body and staring out at her audience through the gaps in her hair. She bares all, quite literally, through this poignant piece of performance art.

Whitespace, 9-11 Aug, times vary
tw rating 4/5 | [Lucinda Al-Zoghbi]


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