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ED2012 Physical Review: Castle Rocks Breakdance Championships (Moving In Circles / Random Aspects)

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Spinning on their heads, their pocket change spraying the wide-eyed youngsters in the audience, this is b-boy heaven. In an ideal world all conflicts would be resolved by dance-offs of this calibre, as anger seems to fuel their best gravity-defying moves. Overall the three hours were disappointing, only featuring two-on-two battles [- I would have preferred crew battles, soloists and a better demo from the judges – and as for the host, I’ve heard more jazzy bingo callers. What saved the more lacklustre parts of the show were the adorable wee b-boys and freestyle MC Rob Broderick (part of Abandoman at the Fringe), with French duo Bad Trip outclassing the competition and rightly taking top prize.

City Edinburgh, 11 Aug, 4.00pm
tw rating 3/5 | [Joanna Gill]


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