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ED2012 Physical Review: China Red (Beijing Students Golden Sail Art Troupe)

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Traditionally, the idea of anything traditional fills me with dread. Traditional usually spells out culture about culture: boring but “authentic”. This is not the case with China Red, which brings to Zoo Southside a playful ensemble of young Chinese dancers and musicians. Unusual, high-tempo orchestral pieces open the show, and the rest is taken up by dances by a range of 9-16 year olds. Both the musicians and the dancers are impressive, and they also seem to genuinely love performing. This is traditional dance by modern Chinese youth, and the show is full of flashes of personality and flair in the midst of all the synchronicity. This is far from dead culture, even without the Lady Gaga number in the middle.

Zoo Southside, 4-5 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Thom May]


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