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ED2012 Physical Review: Dance Interrogations (Hip Sync / Dianne Reid)

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Sheep bleat and a woman lies curled on the floor in a white boiler suit. Dianne Reid surprises with a performance of pure poetry. In this small space there is nowhere to hide from Reid’s interrogations on dance and the nature of performance: she crawls underneath another reviewer’s chair, caressing her handbag before shedding her skin like a snake. She disarms you with humour and creates an incredible intimacy that left me tingling. When the light silhouettes her red hair, it’s hard to tell whether she’s a clown or a siren? She is both. She puts on a dress because “Pina Bausch likes dresses, doesn’t she?”. This is a show for the curious, and the curious-minded.

Sweet Grassmarket, 13-19 Aug (not 18), 3.00pm
tw rating 5/5 | [Joanna Gill]


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