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ED2012 Physical Review: Jishin (LAN-T003)

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Jishin is like a Simpsons parody of what you’d expect Japanese contemporary dance to be. There’s lots of techno music, robot arms slicing, and occasional worming, and the fear that someone’s going to have a seizure. Much of the dancing involves all four of the men in one place, moving as if they’re part of a single machine, often wearing lycra. This initially seems impressive, but starts to feel like a science fiction version of The Human Centipede. Interesting movements are rushed and left unexplored, giving a continued sense that the dance deliberately resists any scrutiny of its substance or logic; much like British dance group Diversity. Perhaps it reflects a throwaway culture but it makes, sadly, for throwaway productions.

Zoo Southside, 1-27 Aug, 8.35pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Thom May]


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