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ED2012 Physical Review: Joseph (Alessandro Sciarroni)

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Everybody can Dada on Chatroulette. When the web chat forum was conceived it was presumably intended for more innocent purposes than it became known for, but technology often changes social interaction in unexpected ways. Here Alessandro Sciarroni takes it into the surreal with hilarious effect. Equipped with a MacBook camera and a giant screen, the Italian contorts his body to make a Picasso-esque self portrait, both beautiful and comic. The one-man show becomes a two-man Western shoot-out with the aid of a split screen, then suddenly he has eight limbs which can float at random across the screen. This piece is completely unexpected, the right side of absurd and a pure piece of fringe genius.

Dance Base, 7-12 Aug, 2.30pm
tw rating 5/5 | [Joanna Gill]


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