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ED2012 Physical Review: Meitheal and Worst Case Scenario (max.IMEALLdance Company and Taciturn Dance Company)

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Placing two contrasting pieces side-by-side doesn’t always work but this mixed bill showcases emerging dance talent from Edinburgh and Liverpool. On their home turf, max.IMEALLdance Company presents ‘Meitheal’, a piece in which six individuals find strength in each other to form a community of united power. With clear-cut lighting design from Simon Gane, their interlinking structures become accentuated; reinforcing the idea that they’re stronger together than apart, which indeed they are. Then the three blonde bombshells of Taciturn Dance Company explode onto the stage with clown-like facial expressions and baggy blue trousers. ‘Worst Case Scenario’ dramatically and engagingly portrays the creative side of health and safety by enacting the eventualities that we all wonder about.

Dance Base, 16-25 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Lucinda Al-Zoghbi]


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