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ED2012 Physical Review: Say Something (h2dance / Escalator East To Edinburgh)

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‘Say Something’ needs a disclaimer: high levels of audience participation required. I normally shy away from shows like this, however ‘Say Something’ got it just right. We are led into a well lit room with no chairs, and encouraged to use the space as we please. The dancers are all among us, singing as they throw themselves across the floor. The music is enchanting and otherworldly, whilst the dancing is exciting. The cast creep and crawl amongst the audience, inviting us to join them. We are led in circles, as we watch the story unfold. This show is not for the shy, but if you go and see it, you are guaranteed to have something to say. Marvellous.

Summerhall, 7-15, 21-26 Aug (not 10, 13, 24), times vary.
tw rating 4/5 | [Alexandra Wilks]


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