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ED2012 Physical Review: Suite-Hope (Compagnia Chiara Frigo)

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Beginning with a distinctly ominous voice over, ‘Suite-Hope’ is an exploration of hope through movement with the motif of exodus prominent throughout. The many ballistic, pulsating movements to the sounds of thumping drums construct a constant sense of travelling alongside the two performers and their cast of paper dolls. The paper dolls add an effective splash of colour to the stage, and there is an especially touching moment where the paper dolls are set up to resemble a ballroom and have their last dance. Those seeking easy viewing may be disappointed by challenging imagery, such as Ghandi’s appearance on a t-shirt but for those who enjoy abstraction; ‘Suite-Hope’ is extremely rewarding, thought provoking and very well performed.

Dancebase – National Centre for Dance, 4-12 Aug (not 6), times vary.
tw rating 3/5 | [Beth Dawson]


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