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ED2012 Physical Review: Time / Dropper And Driftwood (Jose Agudo and Luke Murphy)

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A powerful strength coupled with intricate attention to detail in movement made this show stand out. The two dancers Jose Agudo and Luke Murphy perform independent sets that differ greatly in style, naturally highlighting their individual creativity. With a notable ability to change the mood of the room, Jose Agudo seamlessly switches from a slow tempo, using minimal movement for effect, into highly energetic, technically impressive scenes that let his dance ability shine. Luke Murphy follows with an emotional performance through movement with music and background speech adding to the effect. Dealing with the destructive nature of natural disasters, Luke gets the rooms undivided attention as he expresses himself through dance. This was a truly mesmerising show.

Dance Base – National Centre For Dance, 7-12 Aug, times vary.
tw rating 5/5 | [Bethanie Pochin]


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