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ED2012 Physical Review: Unchartered Seas/Timeless (Edinburgh International Festival / Aditi Mangaldas)

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Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company takes the International Festival by storm with a double-bill performance which combines traditional and contemporary approaches to kathak, an ancient classical dance form from northern India. With a tray of burning candles in hand, eight dancers emerge on stage with an air of mystery about them; ‘Unchartered Seas’ has begun. Meanwhile, three musicians occupy stage right interjecting the outstanding visual, of razor-sharp spins and strong stamping footwork, with aural delight. Mangaldas, choreographer and principal dancer, joins them in searching for the intangible – quite the creative conundrum. Whilst, in ‘Timeless’, time itself stands still as the Company weave in and out of the pulse, asking themselves (and us) how to express that intangibility. Electrifying.

Royal Lyceum Theatre, 18-19 Aug, 7.30pm
tw rating 5/5 | [Lucinda Al-Zoghbi]


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