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ED2012 Theatre Review: A Dastardly Fiction (Haystacks Theatre Company)

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‘A Dastardly Fiction’ is about a failed author who sells his soul to a demon so that he can become the success he always dreamed of. Unfortunately, his characters come to life and plot to kill him. I think. The story was convoluted and confused, with major gaping plot holes throughout. Characters would casually shred previously established traits and did things for no reason at all, with zilch explanation behind plot twists and turns. In desperate need of a rewrite, it’s more of a string of incoherent thoughts than a fully-fledged play. It’s unfair on a cast that clearly capable of much better, but the best intentions can’t save this utter mess of a script. A dastardly fiction, indeed.

Greenside, 5-25 Aug (not 12 & 29), times vary.
tw rating 1/5 | [Patricia-Ann Young]


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