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ED2012 Theatre Review: A Thousand Shards Of Glass (Jane Packman Company)

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After bringing in the audience in small groups and engaging them in some (very) small talk, the show’s star, Lucy Ellinson, gets everyone is seated in a big circle, looking at each other. The actress is able to move around them, as well as in the circle itself, and the play sets off with script or poetry that sounds like a light meditation, setting things in the Arctic. From there the storyline moves from desert to city, as our protagonist tells the story of being the hero in a conspiracy against the authorities. What could be a winning set up by a smooth performer was spoilt by too much noise, too many effects and a story that did not quite make sense, moving too slow one minute and too fast the next.

Northern Stage at St Stephen’s, 21-25 Aug, 4.20pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Veronika Kallus]


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