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ED2012 Theatre Review: After The Accident by Julian Armistead (Brylights)

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Four years ago, Petra and Jimmy lost their daughter in a car crash that was caused by joyrider Leon. Now, the three meet for the first time since the court case for a restorative justice session, a chance for everyone to get the answers they’re looking for. The writing is incredible; the script begins with a bang and continues to be fast paced and slick throughout. Similarly, the cast are fantastic; they perform the roles of the grieving parents with such convincing depth and gravitas that it’s easy to forget that these performers are actually very young. Particularly stunning is the transformation of Petra from adamant antagonism towards Leon to a reluctant forgiveness. Thought-provoking and moving, it’s an excellent piece of theatre.

theSpace on the Mile, 20, 23 Aug, 5.15pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Anna McDonald]


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