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ED2012 Theatre Review: After The Rainfall (Curious Directive)

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Curious Directive weaves together four stories that span four epochs using carefully crafted movement, multi-media and music. The stories’ thematic base comes from the story of John, who has written a book ‘After the Rainfall’ in 2022, which describes the communication of ants. Just as the workings of an ant colony can reflect the way human ideas travel, the piece intelligently explores how artefacts, objects and photos can symbolise moments in history and provide tangible focal points, when time is ephemeral. A touching scene between Rashida and Satu, meeting on a train, is believable and engaging, as are the other conversations between travellers. Unfortunately the overwhelming amount of information can sometimes cloud potential for empathy with the characters’ losses and stories.

Pleasance Dome, 1-27 Aug, 3.40pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Isobel Rogers]


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