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ED2012 Theatre Review: Beats (Arches)

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Beats is an informative journey through 1980s and 90s rave culture, and its descent into illegality after the 1994 Criminal Justice Act. Following the early life of Johno McCreadie and his path into the world of illegal raves, Kieran Hurley puts on a brilliant show. Beats transcends the rave subculture however, touching on deeper political themes of the early 90s. Hurley’s masterful delivery of his own script allows the audience (many of them too young to remember the events being described) to journey easily through the highs and lows of the genre. Aided by brilliant supporting and contextualizing music by Arches resident DJ Johnny Whoop, ‘Beats’ is a unique musical and theatrical evening.

Traverse Theatre, 1-26 Aug, 11.00pm
tw rating 4/5 | [James Valentine]


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