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ED2012 Theatre Review: Black Comedy (Edward’s Theatre Company)

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Judging by the title of Shaffer’s play and his iconic dark plays of ‘Amadeus’ and ‘Equus’, you might expect this play to be full of seedily crass comedy, and certainly not for the prudish. I was surpised by this superbly comic script and cast who showcase Shaffer’s funny bone with well-read wit. The cast manages to make pretend groping around in the dark look as easy as if the whole play really were performed in blackout. A whimsical striptease of events, the unravelling of each thread of the increasingly messy situation piles on humour by the minute. A truly wonderful play – just the ticket for an evening’s entertainment at the ”Fringie-pegs”.

Quaker Meeting House, 1-11 Aug, 6.30pm
tw rating 5/5 | [Ciara Knowles]


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