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ED2012 Theatre Review: Built For Two (Somebody’s Theatre)

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‘Built For Two’ tells of the evening before Julie’s birthday, when she is out for a night on the town with her flatmate, newly moved in boyfriend, and her childhood best friend who is always late. It’s a fantastic comedy centred on a bathroom in a flat and the birthday celebration, covering everything from how to use mouthwash correctly, to a love triangle (that turns out to possibly be a love square instead), “shots before shoes”, drunken kisses, regretted liaisons, and back story galore. The four actors work well together to make a cohesive performance and with angst, humor, and bathroom routines, the play really captures the lot of those who have recently graduated from student life.

theSpace @ The Mile, 3-25 Aug (not 5, 12, 19), 11.50am.
tw rating 3/5 | [Charlotte Mortimer-Talman]


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