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ED2012 Theatre Review: Caught On Tape (Putney Players)

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Devised plays can sometimes become crammed with so many allusions, demonstrations of performance skills and references to theatrical genres that the results are nonsensical. ‘Caught on Tape’ interweaves conversations from different people with dance numbers and songs, that showcase devised theatre at its most unclear and overwhelmed. Objects that carry sentimental value are described in soliloquies, the Troubles in Northern Ireland are mentioned in passing and ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles is used as music for a ballet performance. However a deadpan interchange between the meeting of exes is funny, and the randomness of the scenes is made enjoyable by a genuinely lovely rendition of Ingrid Michelson’s ‘You and I’ with a ukulele at the end.

Zoo Southside, 5 Aug, 10.30am. 
tw rating 2/5 | [Isobel Rogers]


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