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ED2012 Theatre Review: Dream/Life (Kudos)

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What is going on? Audience typing away on their laptops, laughing randomly, change of scene followed by change of scene followed by jumping out of seats, by dreaming, by loving, by plotting… In an absurd world of white linen, magical love tokens and multicoloured velvet, the passionate cast wanders from dream to life and back, in a story that is almost Shakespearian in dialogue and Hollywood in plot. Powerful players do their best to make the developments obvious and clear, but the deeper meaning of many parts might only become clearer after an intense study of the text. If life is a dream and dreams are life, this might be a classic in the making.

Zoo, 3-18 Aug, 4.00pm.
tw rating 3/5 |  [Veronika Kallus]


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