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ED2012 Theatre Review: Gulliver’s Travels (Edinburgh International Festival / Radu Stanca National Theatre Of Sibiu, Romania)

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Silviu Purcărete’s spin on ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ delves into the dark nature of Jonathan Swift’s satire. In a production that presents the story so gruesomely to its audience, through bloody scenes and strange visuals, the dialogue seems a little unnecessary, not least because one’s attention is easily lost after the first five seconds of any poem or excerpt from the book. In fact this production could function without words completely. And without the old man and little boy. However, the gimmicks involving Lilliput in shadow, small people in a box, and a certain group of miniature women on tables, are a true wonder; just how are such visuals achieved? It really does sometimes feel as though you’re watching a magic show. Yet, despite these feats, this is not a satisfying production of the classic story.

King’s Theatre, 17-20 Aug, times vary
tw rating 2/5 | [Ana-Claudia Magaña]


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