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ED2012 Theatre Review: Last Supper (Last Notion Theatre)

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An actor should never have to act as a crutch for their co-actors, but the actor playing Joseph in ‘Last Supper’ had to carry the rest of the cast through the whole play. To be fair to them, they were, from the outset, battling with the hard-to-ignore traffic noise outside which rendered them, at times, inaudible, but this wasn’t the only problem. Music helped to excite the audience, for example, but sometimes seemed ill-fitting and confusing, while some clever movement scenes were well executed, but felt a little dry. The story tried to stir the audience’s’inner strength, as we watched the main character search for his, but truth be told, I lost mine during this performance. Without the main character Joseph, this show would definitely limp.

Greenside, 3-11 Aug, 11.25am.
tw rating 2/5 | [Rachel Campbell]


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