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ED2012 Theatre Review: Oedipus – The Hour (Minotaur Theatre Company)

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The story of Oedipus is perfect for reinterpretations. It’s archetypal, cruel, tragic and well known enough to stay recognisable no matter how it’s treated. This performance is good, artistically directed, but almost doesn’t go far enough in making the story its own. That’s not to say that both the direction and performances weren’t good; the creepy common people deserve special mention for being a genuinely, yet understated, unsettling presence, and the clean cut, elegant upper class nobles were convincingly human. Oedipus was genuinely heroic, making the character sympathetic without losing any of his strength. All that was lacking was that it could have gone further: there were bizarre touches, but there could, and probably should have been something more; slightly stranger.

Paradise in Augustine’s, Aug 6-19, 3.00pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Katherine Cunningham]


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