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ED2012 Theatre Review: Pornography (Organised Crime Theatre)

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‘Pornography’ is an apt title for this play about London society before the 7/7 bombings; through snapshots of different people’s lives, we are shown a culture of grotesque extremes. These are set against the backdrop of the London 2012 winning bid, a glimpse of hope which is promptly squashed by the terrorist attacks. There were a lot of impressive elements to this production: the use of props was innovative, and each actor gave a strong performance in their own right, while working together well as an ensemble. However, there was a tendency to push the snapshots we are shown into the realm of unbelievable; ‘the incest scene’ in particular, which, despite the actors’ best efforts, just didn’t feel believable at all. The ending was moving though: and all in all, it was a well acted and engaging play.

theSpace @ Venue 45, 20-25 Aug, 8.15pm
tw rating 3/5 | [India Doyle]


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