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ED2012 Theatre Review: Right Honourable Member (FreeRange Productions)

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‘Right Honourable Member’ was exactly what I wasn’t expecting from a show which blatantly uses double-entendre in its title; a brilliantly intelligent piece of satire which manages to be both fantastically funny and desperately poignant. Connie, a bright and privileged Oxbridge candidate, has just messed up the most important speech of her young life and takes the slightly unexpected decision to seek solace in the arms of a male prostitute. Brilliantly alternating moments of humour and tragedy follow, as Connie’s young life unravels in front of this unsuspecting escort. All three cast members shine and audience members find themselves alternately laughing at the oblivious male brilliantly played by Matthew Hopkinson and cringing at the raw ambition and emotion of Emily Spetch’s Connie.

C aquila, 3-27 Aug, 4.45pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Charlotte Ryan]


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