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ED2012 Theatre Review: Riot Squat (Thrive Theatre Productions)

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What if the 2011 riots had spread to Edinburgh? This is the question Alan Gordon’s darkly humorous play attempts to answer, setting the action in university graduates Miles and Kristy’s rather middle-class squat. The result is an insightful look at the motivations behind the riots and the bleak future today’s graduates face. All three cast members play their roles with just the right mix of humour and sincerity, and the chemistry between Gemma Stroyan and Alex Hope builds throughout . Ross Donnachie also deserves a special mention for his portrayal of the Glaswegian rioter Billy, giving depth to a what could have easily become a very stereotypical character. An enjoyable and interesting piece of social commentary which remains relevant a year after the riots that inspired it.

Whitespace, 22-26 Aug, 9.30pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Charlotte Ryan]


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