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ED2012 Theatre Review: Sir Gawain, The Yellow Knight (American High School Theatre Festival)

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Like many shows featuring young actors, ‘Sir Gawain, The Yellow Knight’ runs along on cheerful clich├ęs, but this show makes it work. A cowardly knight, Sir Gawain, sets out on a quest to prove himself and the result is bright, cheerful and enjoyable. The costumes and acting kept younger children in the audience particularly entertained and happy, and performances were suitably hammy and exaggerated, allowing the audience to have fun; in a show like this, subtlety isn’t exactly needed! Most of the songs were great, and together created a satisfying musical, though that’s not to say it was perfect: a few lines were slightly confusingly written and a few more were delivered slightly awkwardly. It’s all good fun though, and entertaining for kids and parents.

Church Hill Theatre, 17-20 Aug, 7.15pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Katherine Cunningham]


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