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ED2012 Theatre Review: Swan Song (Trouble And Strife)

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When a woman wakes up in a dog basket in a man’s room, the story of ‘the night before’ and what happens next unfolds before us; it transpires that the woman is a poet who disappears leaving only her poetry behind for people to figure out why. This storyline sounds cryptic, and it is; the narrative is unclear. However, the dialogue is quick and clever, though it all feels slightly contrived at times and a little predictable. It’s billed as using animation and live performance, so I expected more than the weak animated excerpt we were presented with, which didn’t really add anything to the performance. Ultimately, I got what they were trying to do, but unfortunately I don’t think it really worked.

Sweet Grassmarket, 11-17 Aug, 9.05pm.
theSpace @ NorthBridge, 20-25 Aug, 5.35pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Ella Fryer-Smith]


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