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ED2012 Theatre Review: Tagged (New Celts Production with Hidden Stories Theatre)

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‘Tagged’ is very much a show for the here and now. #zeitgeist. It tries to do something tricky: make a profound statement about modern life, using the facile superficiality of social networking as a medium. Largely, it succeeds, but not without reservations. It’s barely 35 minutes long, so the cast don’t have time to develop their characters much beyond broad caricatures: the lonely, desperate shut-in; the sexually-promiscuous party-girl; the nice, romantic guy. OK, that’s the point of the play – that’s how people appear if judged solely on their Facebook activity – but it can’t help but diminish the impact of the play’s final moments. ‘Tagged’ is funny, smart, and will appeal to the smartphone generation. Andrew Leask (quite) likes this.

C eca, 1-27 Aug (odd days only, not 13), 3.50pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Andrew Leask]


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