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ED2012 Theatre Review: The Complete History Of The BBC In 60 Minutes (Five Rounds Rapid)

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A lovely little hour from Terence and Ingrid, BBC-lovers, who take the audience through the humble beginnings of the BBC radio station in the twenties, through the decades that saw changes to TV, to colour, to competition, right up into the naughty noughties. Much appreciated discussions of whether Dr Who is a children’s show, and if all costume dramas are naturally bonnet dramas serve to reveal our hosts (and audience’s) most secret BBC thoughts, and are well illustrated by rare collectors’ items. The journey culminates in harsh and cruel revelations though: the BBC is not Ingrid’s only love. There are, dare one say it, other broadcasters out there… switch on to find where it all goes from here.

Sweet Grassmarket, 2-19 Aug (not 18), 5.05pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Veronika Kallus]


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