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ED2012 Theatre Review: The Idiot On The Wall (First Bicycle)

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This show tells of a heartbreaking legend set on a Hebridean island in 1919. Full of beautiful Gaelic singing and full-bodied believable characters, this story will suck you in with its approach to a prophecy, love, and a storm worn island just north of Oban bay. Brilliantly performed, Elspeth Turner’s play ‘The Idiot At The Wall’ tells enough of the story without overloading you, offering a perfect balance of realism and fairytale to the audience’s mind. With a multi-purpose set and clever writing, the play marries Scottish mysticism – and the culture that the Hebridean islands still possess – with the changing times and the ideas that they are two separate worlds that occasionally collide, for better or for worse.

Bedlam Theatre 3-25 Aug, 3.25pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Charlotte Mortimer-Talman]


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