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ED2012 Theatre Review: The Intervention (Comedians Theatre Company / The Assembly Rooms)

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They say that we always think more about the bad things than the good. I have certainly thought a lot about this play. Have I missed something? Is there a deeper layer that I just don’t get? Is this what people want to see? I come to the same conclusion: it was simply meant to be what I saw, and it was horrendous. Talk about the obvious and stereotypical. The flattest imaginable characters. The most predictable storyline. I thought there was some daring potential when Zac, the alcoholic, came flying on stage stark naked. Thought wrong. The hysterical mother, violent, ill father, the caring nurse, slapstick friend and the abuse-tolerating girlfriend are just what you’d expect. Maybe that’s the point?

The Assembly Rooms, 1-26 Aug (not 13), 7.05pm.
tw rating 1/5 | [Veronika Kallus]


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