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ED2012 Theatre Review: The Picture Of Dorian Gray (Pregnant Fish Theatre Company / PBH’s Free Fringe)

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It is a rich irony that a show about culture and beauty is performed in such a horrible venue, an abandoned shop stinking of fast food. Although their performance ensures we forget this, Pregnant Fish Theatre Company have¬†set themselves an even harder task: a new musical version of Wilde’s novel with no stage. Cleverly they employ a mirror for the painting, and use the actors all the time, including as scenery and narrators. It’s all quite impressive, though some of the cast deliver¬†excessively caricatured performances, which at times results in a loss of both tragedy and wit. The songs, meanwhile, are good musical numbers, but some of the solos and duets seem a little weak. Maybe the problem here is that too many things are being forced together – stale chips and Wilde arguably complement each other as well as ensemble numbers and languid wit.

Princes Mall, 19-25 Aug, 6.00pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Lia Sanders]


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