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ED2012 Theatre Review: The Proposal (Fiddy West Productions)

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In a raw, gritty and disturbingly hilarious piece, this Manchester based company depict the tension which forms between two best friends as love comes between them. Driven by the irrationality of passion, Freddy goes about emotionally manipulating Pete in a series of riveting ways, ranging from filming a mistaken one night stand in a desperate attempt to blackmail Pete, and convincing Pete’s girlfriend to snort cocaine with him. With a simple set and few scene changes, the production focuses more on the talents of an accomplished cast rather than on trying to impress the audience with complicated stage technicalities. A well written, original and darkly hilarious script which is sure to have you immersed into a small but twisted world of obsession.

theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall, 4-27 Aug, 5.15pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Khristine Gallagher]


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