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ED2012 Theatre Review: This Land – The Story Of Woody Guthrie (Interplay Theatre)

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This visually astounding musical dedicated to the memorable life of influential musician Woody Guthrie contains unforgettable folk music reminiscent of an America devastated by depression. The musically talented cast show off an impressive repertoire of songs – performers switching between instruments with relative ease – but the singing could be more audible. The music is better than the acting, which is a little off-putting because of whiny faux-American accents and a slight case of over overacting. You may find yourself waiting for the immersive foot tapping brilliance of the ringing banjos and “geetars!” through the acting moments but thankfully, they are never too far away. Emotionally tingling and jovial, join the train tracks for a rolling journey of musical brilliance.

Zoo Southside, 3-18 Aug, 6.30pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Khristine Gallagher]


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