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ED2012 Theatre Review: Town – A Spirited Story (Grapple Theatre Company)

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Based on Gothic stories by Edgar Allan Poe, ‘Town: A Spirited Story’ is a complex piece of theatre. There are two stories; both about men with sick wives, which are narrated by different characters in each story. There is also the presence of ‘spirits’ throughout the play, who also contribute to the narration of the stories. The dialogue is difficult to follow at times and the plot feels disjointed. According to the fringe guide, ‘Town: A Spirited Story’ blurs the line between “fact, fiction and the supernatural”. The result is confusing and unsatisfying. Despite its philosophical pretensions, this show feels a little self-indulgent in its attempts to be thought provoking and sinister.

C, 2-11 Aug, 5.10pm.
tw rating 2/5 | [Olivia Lyth]


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