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ED2012 Theatre Review: Vitamin (Carlo Jacucci)

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Carlo Jacucci is a contemporary clown full of vitality and inventive insanity. A neat sketch-show, this act consists of surreal skits, bizarre caricatures and demented accordion playing. There’s a wonderful economy to his performance, with not a movement or a muttered word wasted, while the impressively minute details in his physical comedy wring every drop of humour from the simplest jokes. At times, this approach is frustrating. Though he’s undoubtedly charming, his protracted verbal deconstructions, repetitions and reiterations drain the show of much of its momentum. It’s the more accessible sight gags, some of which admittedly verge on genius, that shine. Like any vitamin taken in capsule form, this is great stuff, but it doesn’t always go down easily.

Zoo, 20-27 Aug, 9.05pm.
tw rating 3/5 | [Dave Fargnoli]


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