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ED2012 Theatre Review: Who’s Your Daddy? (Ines Wurth and Paul & Diana Perez)

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‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ is a moving one-man play based on the true story of Johnny O’Callaghan’s struggle to adopt a son from a Ugandan orphanage. O’Callaghan gives a stunning performance. His story-telling is captivating and the brutal honesty of his thoughts on what was going on during this nine-month journey really gives it an edge. His brief turns as the different characters he met along the way are also very convincing and they add such weight to the show that it’s easy to forget you’re only watching one man. At times, the play does feel slightly long, but it has drama, it has poignancy, and it has humour. A truly remarkable piece of theatre.

Assembly Hall, 14-26 Aug, 10.30pm
tw rating 4/5 | [Anna McDonald]


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