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ED2012 Theatre Review: Wild Allegations (RUDS: Reading University Drama Society)

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In the precarious structure of relationships, what happens when those long-stewed, bitter grievances boil over? ‘Wild Allegations’ and its talented young cast investigates the result in this tale of a celebrity and those closest to him. The story explores love, envy, lies and good old-fashioned dastardly plots, and everyone gets their just desserts in the bitterly satisfying ending. The performances are all impressive, particularly from Freddie Goymer as the superstar sitcom actor and Jack Wilson as his petulant, plotting sibling – a highlight being the chemistry between the two brothers at the final ugly confrontation. From laugh-out-loud hilarious to wincingly believable, this production of ‘Wild Allegations’ never loses pace.

theSpace on North Bridge, 20-25 Aug, 12.05pm.
tw rating 5/5 | [Pallavi Patel]


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