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ED2012 Visual Art Review: Panta Rhei (Y Rollert)

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Readers with a knowledge of philosophy or access to Wikipedia might recognise this exhibition’s title as a reference to ancient thinker Heraclitus. It means ‘everything flows’, and refers to the idea that life is a state of constant change. Photography might seem an unlikely medium to capture natural transitions, but these understated stills are nevertheless effective. Images of new shoots emerging from a seemingly dead trunk, or of a single blade of grass in a frozen thicket are simple, compelling and beautifully composed. Others, such as shots of raindrops or the moon, are unoriginal, using up vital space in a collection of only eight pictures. Probably not worth a special trip, you should still meander in if you’re passing by.

Stockbridge Library, 3-27 Aug (not Sundays), times vary.
tw rating 3/5 | [Dave Fargnoli]


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