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ED2013 Theatre Review: Bedtime Solos by Jakob Holder (Central Standard Theatre – Kansas City)

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‘Bedtime Solos’ focuses on what you might think of as your average straight couple in their twenties or early thirties. We see them in their bedroom over the course of what should be a heated night of passion, but which turns instead into an observation of men’s and women’s different approaches to love, sex, and relationships. A blend of dialogue, monologue and physical theatre, ‘Bedtime Solos’ sheds a ruthless light on the innermost dynamics of lovemaking and relationships. The text by Jakob Holder, uncomfortable and yet lyrical, is the most engaging feature of this production. Unfortunately,  the style of delivery employed by the performers is often too over the top to be compelling, and the juxtaposition of physical theatre with somewhat more traditional dialogue can be jarring.

Assembly Roxy, until 26 August (not 13, 20), 11.20am.
tw rating 3/5 | [Claudia Marinaro]


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