The ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards go to the ten things that we, the ThreeWeeks editors, believe make the Edinburgh Festival extra special in any one year. Winners can be people, plays, productions, companies, venues or even whole festivals.
The awards were presented in 2008 at a gathering at the Roman Eagle Lodge on the last Sunday of the festival, and the winners were…
1. Yllana at Universal Arts Theatre
For brilliantly combining music and comedy to create their 5/5 show ‘Pagagnini’.


2. En Masse at Underbelly
For staging consistently engaging and high quality theatre for audiences of all ages, this year ‘The Echo Chamber’ and ‘We All Fall Down’.


3. The Pleasance
For creating an innovative and exciting new performance space in the cellars of the Courtyard – Pleasance Undergrand (pictured) – a home for some unique experiential theatre, including ‘The Factory’.


4. Moishe’s Bagel
For bringing their unique brand of music to the Jazz Festival and Fringe each year, and gaining consistently high marks from the ThreeWeeks reviewers.


5. Sweet Venues
For creating a brilliant, well-priced and performer-friendly new bar and open mic stage at the heart of the Fringe, in the form of La Sweet Cantina.

6. Lynn Ruth Miller
For being a Fringe legend, for consistently scoring high marks from the ThreeWeeks review team, and for putting on at least two shows a day every single day of the Festival.


7. Belt Up Theatre at C Venues
For their prolific 2008 programme, which included three 5/5 shows and two innovative multi-time and multi-space Shakespeare productions.

Belt Up Facebook page

8. Alexis Dubus
For his 5/5 Free Fringe comedy show ‘A R*ddy Brief History Of Swearing’, and for being one of ThreeWeeks’ favourite new comedians.

9. Musical Theatre @ George Square
For creating a great new genre-specific venue, and for giving new musical theatre a home and platform at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Musical @ George Square Facebook page

10. Cambodia Living Arts
For their awe-inspiring 5/5 show ‘Children Of The Khmer’ at The World @ St Georges West.


Words: Chris Cooke – Award presentation pictures: Kat Gollock

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