Saturday August 25th, 2012 10:04

Editor’s Letter: It’s the grand finale!

Caro Moses

Wow, are we really at the final weekend of Edinburgh Fringe 2012? How can that be? Then again, it does feel like I’ve been in Edinburgh for months now, as is always the way.

But yes, here we go, the final furlong for the Fringe and most of Edinburgh’s other summer festivals (though the International Festival runs for another week remember). This being the final phase of the Festival means awards galore have been dished out in recent days, and even more will handed out over the weekend.

And by the time you read this, we will be handing out our ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards for 2012, celebrating the ten things that we think made this year’s Festival extra special – shows, performers, theatre companies and venues will be in there. Look out for more information about today’s winners on the website later.

But if you are still to plan your final days at the Festival, may I suggest you pick up a copy of the Week Three edition of ThreeWeeks, packed with great acts and shows, or the final ThreeWeeks Daily Edition of the year, which is deliberately filled with only 4/5 and 5/5 shows, so every one is recommended.

From the shows featured in our Week Three issue, you have just one more chance to see Linn Lorkin (ie her run finishes today). Running until tomorrow are cover star John RobinsCatie Wilkins,Vikki StoneLuke ToulsonDeAnne SmithChris McCausland and Desperately Seeking The Exit. Meanwhile Molly Naylor And The Middle Ones‘ show ‘My Robot Heart’ runs until Monday, and the magnificent Théâtre du Soleil at the International Festival run until 28 Aug.

There are also a number of children’s shows worth checking out here, and if you are looking for some inspiration of how to make the most of the final few days, read this week’s column from Lynn Ruth Miller.

And as if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget this week’s Fringe Blogs, that have come in from Gareth MorinanJohn RobertsonLou SandersMarny Godden and Up & Over It. And if all that reading sounds too exhausting, why not catch up with the ThreeWeeks podcast team? They have a plethora of interviews and performances for you to sample in the ThreeWeeks player here.

Phew, that could fill a weekend on its own, couldn’t it? Whether you are a performer, promoter, publicist, back stage or venue staff, fellow journalist, or one of those all important audience members, or a combination thereof, do enjoy these last few days. This Fringe may have begun quieter than usual, but let’s have one last major party to wrap things up (yes, even with that ominous looking cloud in the sky).

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks

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Friday August 17th, 2012 17:50

Editor’s Letter: Here we go with the big weekend

Caro Moses

How can we be at the big end-of-Week-Two weekend already? Yep, very soon people will be talking about being on the ‘home straight’, but let’s get through what is traditionally the biggest weekend of the Festival first, shall we?

This is the weekend when the Fringe, International Festival, Book Festival, Art Festival and Tattoo are joined by yet another fest, the political one at the Scottish Parliament (check my tips for that here). So there’s no excuse at all to not be out there experiencing the best of it.

To help, make sure you get a copy of the Week Two issue of ThreeWeeks, the one with the marvellous Tony Law on the cover. If you haven’t already picked one up, you’ll find copies at pretty much every venue in town, or if you’re not in Edinburgh check it out online.

Inside, aside from a quick Q&A with Tony, there are our regular columnists John Fleming and Lynn Ruth Miller, plus we hear from Paul O’Mahoney from 5/5 show ‘Unmythable’ and ace magicians Morgan & West. And then there are the Q&As: we hear from the up and coming playwright Molly Taylor; the folks behind the brilliant show ‘Sealand’; sketch comedy stars The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek; comedic multi-tasker Dan Nightingale; Fringe cabaret legend-in-the-making Tricity Vogue; the talented team from Jackinabox Productions; Fringe veteran and classical guitarist Jonathan PragAlexander Wright, the brain behind the brilliant ‘Beulah'; and popular Flamenco-focused puppets Lucia and Scot. Yes, that’s right. Puppets.

So do check all that out. And don’t forget, there’s even more from ThreeWeeks to enjoy online. First of all, there are many more reviews on the website than in print, going live all the time. For the latest reviews, check the reviews home page where each review published is listed in the order it appeared (most recent first), or click on the buttons on that page for A-Z lists by genre or tw rating. Or you can browse our reviews by venues, from the venues index page. For show recommendations, make sure you follow Twittique on Twitter, where you’ll get regular links to all our 4/5 and 5/5 reviews. Or, if you’re on your smartphone, browse our reviews via iFringe.

You’ll find extra interviews and columns online too – including our venue director interviews on the Festival People page (there are more of those to come), and some special Fringe blogs that have been appearing this week, including missives from Al PitcherAsher TreleavenLa John Joseph and Rob Castell from Barbershopera. Oh, and don’t go forgetting our great podcast interviews, with the likes of Andre KingJackson VoorhaarLaura LevitesSam FletcherSpring DayWitTankFoil Arms And Hog, and Billy Kirkwood and Tony Jameson.

So that’s a lot to be going on with, isn’t it? Do make sure you find some time to also see some shows, won’t you? And if you’re not in Edinburgh, then the BBC will be pumping out a load of Fringe comedy on the red button from 9pm tonight to get you in the mood – watch it, then get yourself to the capital, pick up a ThreeWeeks, and do it for real.

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks

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Thursday August 9th, 2012 17:16

Editor’s Letter: More festivals to choose from!

Caro Moses

Can it possibly be a whole week (actually, eight days) since I last landed in your inbox? How did that happen?

Last time I was here I was noting the unofficial start of the Edinburgh Fringe, and here we are a week later marking the official opening of the Edinburgh International Festival, which will be lighting up Arthur’s Seat for us all (amongst many other things) from this evening. If you missed it earlier in the Festival, do check out our interview with EIF chief Jonathan Mills discussing this year’s programme.

Back to the Fringe, and while you do sense the Olympic effect has resulted in a slightly quieter Week One than usual (though, it’s always the quietest bit, remember), there have still been plenty of names appearing on the ‘sell out show boards’, and even more positive reports coming into ThreeWeeks HQ from our review team regarding the great productions out there. Anyone not yet in Fringe mode because of the Olympics is in for a treat come Monday.

Talking of treats, I trust you’ve all got yourself a copy of the Week One issue of ThreeWeeks, the one with Rhys Darby on the cover? Also inside that issue, you can hear from a number of guest columnists: super-blogger and Malcolm Hardee Awards organiser John FlemingLynn Ruth Miller, who should have been here at the Fringe this year, but is presently too in-a-cast to make it; typecast comedy veteran Marek Larwood; and the members of close harmony quartet The Ruby Dolls tell you about their ‘desert island discs’. And you can also hear from me (again) and my small child, on the subject of children’s shows.

This week’s issue also featured lots of Q&As. As well as the aforementioned cover star, we also spoke to quality sketch troupe Casual Violence, the fantastic Sarah Kendall, the funny and art-orientated Hannah Gadsby, seasoned Fringe actor Gael Le Cornec, talented Mother Africa director Winston Ruddle, the most excellent music and hat purveyor Jane Bom-bane, and Fringe doyenne Carol Tambor. Plus, the highly amusing Pajama Men interviewed the highly amusing Drennon Davis.

And, of course, there are loads of reviews! Hopefully you’ve all been reading the many ThreeWeeks reviews that have been hitting the streets in the last week, via our Daily Edition and the previously there mentioned Weekly Edition. All those reviews are also appearing on the ThreeWeeks website as we speak. From tomorrow, not only will reviews be appearing in print every day, but additional reviews will be appearing online too, so do start keeping an eye on the reviews page daily, where all new reviews go live. Or, if it’s show recommendations you seek, why not follow Twittique, which features all our four and five star shows. And don’t forget, there are other ways to navigate the ThreeWeeks site – pick a genre that interests you or you can now also browse our coverage by venue.

We are already well under way with our Week Two issue, which is looking brilliant, plus the podcast and photo teams will soon be taking to the website with extra coverage for you to enjoy. I’ll reappear here in your inbox soon to tell you more.

And finally, don’t forget ThreeWeeks is one of the most effective ways to get your show in front of ticket-buyers, and to get any good reviews out to a bigger audience. We have some great deals on…

• Our next weekly edition (out next Wednesday) – call 07858 939 424 or to discuss. Ads start at £99.

• Our daily edition – book one day and see your ad in print the next – call 07858 939 424 or to discuss. Ads start at £50.

• Our website – which is going crazy busy with traffic at the moment. You can book online for that hereAds start at £5.

And that is it for now! Keep enjoying the Festival and this bizarre sunshine we’re getting, and keep an eye on the ThreeWeeks website for all the latest newsreviewsinterviews and more.
Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks

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Friday August 3rd, 2012 10:49

First ThreeWeeks Daily Edition out tonight

ThreeWeeks Daily Edition

The first issue of the ThreeWeeks Daily Edition for 2012 will hit the streets of Edinburgh tonight, with the first batch of reviews from the ThreeWeeks review team, who have been out around the Festival taking in shows since Wednesday morning.

The Daily Edition is our daily reviews sheet – the only Edinburgh Festival print publication published seven days a week! – available for free from central Edinburgh venues. It will appear at the Pleasance Dome and main C venue on Chambers Street late each evening, and then also be available to pick up at Fringe Central, C nova, Spotlites, Underbelly and the Bedlam Theatre the following lunchtime. Or copies can be downloaded from here on the ThreeWeeks website.

Even more reviews will appear in our Weekly Edition magazine, published each Wednesday and available in over 75 places around the city. And there’s even more still – every review that appears in a Daily or Weekly Edition will subsequently appear here online, as will a whole load more reviews too, so keep any eye on the reviews section of the website, or for show recommendations follow Twittique, for links to ever 4/5 and 5/5 review published.

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Wednesday August 1st, 2012 16:58

Editor’s Letter: Here we go again!

Caro Moses

Few things are precise about the Edinburgh Festival, but I think today could be accurately called Day One, with the Fringe previews kicking off and the Edinburgh Art Festival opening its doors again for another year. Certainly it always feels like Day One proper here at ThreeWeeks, as our massive review team head out onto the streets of the city for the first time to take in as many shows as is humanly possible.

This year’s team – participants in the ThreeWeeks media-skills programme – are a particularly fine bunch, and you can see what they look like here. Once again our reviewers will be visiting every nook and cranny of the Festival, from the biggest to the most intimate venues, taking in big name acts and theatre companies, plus more alternative shows and, of course, a plethora of new talent and lesser known acts, where we will almost certainly find some of the best shows of the Festival.

Reviews will start appearing in our Daily Edition reviews sheet and online on Friday evening. For regular email alerts with links to all the latest reviews once we are fully up and running, sign up here.

But back to now, and have you picked up a copy of the ThreeWeeks preview edition yet? It’s packed with interviews with some of our favourite Fringe performers, including Rhod GilbertDoug SegalChilly GonzalesThom Tuck and Phill Jupitus, plus Simon Evans contributes a great column, we find out about Mark Grist‘s journey from full time teacher to full time poet, and meet Angelin Preljocaj, the choreographer behind two productions at this year’s Edinburgh International Festival.

On top of that, I’ve picked out 90 shows I reckon are worth checking out this Festival. Some are from performers who have been highly rated by ThreeWeeks reviewers in recent years, others are personal favourites, and others just jumped out at me as I ploughed through the various programmes and our press release mountain last month. Grouped into convenient sets of three – there are Dans, doctors, dramatic dance shows and three particularly tall stand ups! Check out all the recommendations in the preview edition, or online here.

Though to be clear, you don’t have to go along to all of these shows, not least because to do so would, in my opinion, be to miss the whole point of this Festival. The Edinburgh Fringe is not just an opportunity for performers to experiment, it’s your turn to experiment too. So turn up and see something you have never heard of. Yes, you can take in a few TV comedians and big name theatre shows, but the real gems you don’t know the name of yet. Take a risk and you might discover it.

Copies of our preview edition have been popping through the letter boxes of thousands of Edinburgh homes this week, plus you’ll find it at numerous cafes and box offices, and as they open at loads of Fringe venues too. Do pick up a copy if you can.

Now the preview issue is on the streets, we are already hard at work with our Week One edition, out next week, and have a very small number of ad slots available at special last minute rates. Get your shows in front of tens of thousands of Festival-goers! Email my colleague Sam at to discuss a deal or leave a message on 07858 939 424 and he will call you to discuss the options.

Plus, don’t forget the other ThreeWeeks media. Our Daily Edition will be in twelve central venues from Friday, and you can advertise on that from just £50. Book your spots now. Rates are on the website, and again email to book.

Plus we also have ad spots available on the ThreeWeeks website itself, which is in the process of going crazy again traffic wise. Last year we had over 350,000 unique visitors to the website over August, and we’re expecting that to be even higher this year. Ad packages start at £25, again call or email for information.

I knew that would grab your attention! Yes, for those of you on a very tight budget, once again this year we are bartering 5cm box ads (worth £50) to any company willing to spend an hour delivering our daily sheet to ten venues at 10am one morning. If you are up for this, email the dates you could deliver the sheet to with FREE ADS in the subject line and we will get in touch – slots will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

And finally, for this first email of the Festival, some plugs for events that we or our friends are involved in this Festival.

First up, our sister music business website CMU is staging an event at Fringe Central this Sunday, offering tips and insights for aspiring musicians, or music managers. My Co-Editor Chris, in his CMU and Great Escape guise, will lead two panels on launching yourself as a DIY artist and then building a profile for yourself. Details here.

And for grass roots music makers in Edinburgh this August, that’s not your only opportunity to gain insights into making it as an artist in the modern music industry. The following weekend the CMU Training team will present the first ever CMU Music Business Bootcamp at StageTime, a new two day event for artists about live performance taking place from 11-12 Aug.

This event will also feature sessions from the Music Managers Forum and Musicians Union, plus a series of great panels from leading industry experts, covering everything from the DIY approach to music and fan funding, through to how to protect your career. And ThreeWeeks is able to offer discounted tickets at just £15 – which will get you in on both Saturday and Sunday. Click here to book at the discount.

Finally, ThreeWeeks will join with the other Festival Media Network publications on 22 Aug for a debate on Media At The Fringe, again at Fringe Central. Join us to discuss the role the media plays, and could play, at this most wonderful of festivals. Details here.

And that is enough plugging for now! Enjoy the preview days of the Festival before the Fringe launches properly on Friday, and keep an eye on the ThreeWeeks website for all the latest newsreviewsinterviews and more.

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks

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Friday June 15th, 2012 11:00

Biggest reviewer at the biggest festival, back for the seventeenth year


ThreeWeeks will return to the Edinburgh Festival for the seventeenth consecutive year this August, publisher UnLimited Publishing has confirmed.

Once again ThreeWeeks will have one of the biggest review teams at the world’s biggest cultural extravaganza, and will review many more shows than most other Festival media which, alongside a plethora of interviews, podcasts and exclusive columns, delivered via a weekly magazine, seven-days-a-week reviews sheet, website and podcast service, will provide festival-goers and culture fans with the most comprehensive coverage of the most exciting festival in the world.

Co-Founder and Co-Editor Chris Cooke says: “It’s hard to believe it is now sixteen years since ThreeWeeks first covered the Edinburgh Fringe, and yet, as we approach our seventeenth festival, with a record number of shows to review, we are more excited than ever. Once again we will send out a brand new team of young reviewers to experience the excitement that is Edinburgh’s summer festivals, and they will share their viewpoints and insights with the world at large via our weekly magazine, daily reviews sheet, and online via the website, email and social media”.

Sitting behind ThreeWeeks is an acclaimed media-skills programme aimed at the next generation of journalists and arts professionals, with nearly 100 students and recent graduates taking part. Participants attend a one-day training course on arts criticism at the start of the festival, and then receive ongoing coaching and advice from professional journalists and sub-editors as they gain on-the-ground experience, seeing Edinburgh’s summer festivals from the inside.

Says Co-Editor Caro Moses: “We recruit our review team based on their passion for and knowledge of the genres they will review, and then help them explain and share their experiences and opinions in an engaging, entertaining and concise way. ThreeWeeks reviewers are enthusiastic young audience members, provided with the tools and platform to share their insights in a professional manner. And, as we approach our seventeenth festival, we still think this is a brilliant programme. And with the festival bigger than ever, never has it been more important to have young culture fans telling young culture fans what’s good in Edinburgh each summer”.

ThreeWeeks covers all of Edinburgh’s public August festivals, including the International Festival (9 Aug – 2 Sep), the Book Festival (11 – 27 Aug), the Art Festival (2 Aug – 2 Sep), the Festival Of Politics (17 – 25 Aug) and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the latter of which on its own is the world’s biggest ever cultural event, this year boasting 2695 shows, previews for which kick off on the 1 Aug.

ThreeWeeks will again publish its coverage in a multitude of places. Reviews plus news, interviews and exclusive columns will be available via and the ThreeWeeks podcast, with regular updates via Twitter and email, plus the daily reviews sheet will be dropped off at key Fringe venues, and the main ThreeWeeks weekly edition newspaper will be available from venues, cafes and box offices across the festival city. Plus, for the first time this year, the pre-festival preview edition of ThreeWeeks will be distributed direct to the doors of households in central Edinburgh.

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Thursday July 21st, 2011 16:03

ThreeWeeks announces its plans for Edinburgh 2011

TW logo

Ladies and gentlemen, there is now less than three weeks until ThreeWeeks, which is a complicated way of telling you that the Edinburgh Festival 2011 is now almost upon us. In fact the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival begins this weekend – a week earlier than in previous years – meaning Edinburgh’s summer festival season is literally beginning any day now. And in just two weeks time, of course, the all important Fringe will be getting under way. Feeling excited?

With everything about to get going now seems like as good a time as any to tell you what we have planned at ThreeWeeks this year. As always, we will be reviewing more shows than anyone else at the world’s biggest arts festival. In fact we’ve just appointed our biggest review team ever – with 30 more reviewers than last year – to ensure we get to as many shows as is humanly possible. It’s going to be big. We’re also set to interview over 150 people across our various media, so get set for a barrage of great coverage.

But where can you find all this coverage? Well, as follows:

The Preview Edition, our full colour compact newspaper complete with over 100 show recommendations from ThreeWeeks editor Caro Moses, plus interviews and features, will be available from venues, cafes and bars across Edinburgh from Tuesday 2 Aug.

Our three main Weekly Editions, a full colour compact newspaper packed with news, reviews, interviews and guest columns will appear each Tuesday of the festival, again at venues, cafes and bars all across Edinburgh.

Our Daily Edition will come out daily, so that’s seven days a week, from Friday 5 Aug, available to pick up each evening from ten central Edinburgh locations. This daily sheet will feature all the very latest ThreeWeeks reviews.

Our eDaily will start landing in your inboxes every day from Friday 5 Aug, with news, interviews and all the latest reviews. The eDaily is the one place where every single ThreeWeeks review will appear.

Our iDaily podcast will kick off on Monday 8 Aug, with a new edition going live every week day of the festival. Each thirty minute show will have the latest news, gossip and chat, plus interviews with and performances from our favourite Fringe shows and acts.

Our website,, one of the most read Edinburgh Festival websites in the world, will be overflowing with content from the start of August – in fact previews, interviews and guest columns are already appearing there right now. For regular updates on new content, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

And talking of Twitter, don’t forget the ThreeWeeks Twittique service, we’ll be tweeting mini-critiques of some of our four and five star reviews via this Twitter feed, and this will be the first place you’ll get to hear about the shows we love.

And finally, do not forget that all ThreeWeeks previews and reviews also appear in iFringe, the very best smartphone app at the festival (and we’re not just saying that because it’s the only app that carries our content!).

As you can see, there is no excuse for not accessing all the thousands of reviews and articles and news bits and twittiques and other such nonsense we will publish this August, as we – once again – provide the most comprehensive coverage of the world’s most exciting cultural extravaganza.

And you can start doing that right now, read on for an interview with none other that Lorraine Chase, a great column from long-term ThreeWeeks favourite Andrew O’Neill, and some cabaret show tips from Caro.

See you soon
Chris + Caro, Editors, ThreeWeeks

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