Comedy at Edinburgh Festival 2018

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Comedy is the largest strand of the Edinburgh Fringe, and that programme constitutes the biggest comedy festival in the world, featuring stand-up, sketch, improv, physical and musical comedy, and more, with the very newest talent and some of the big name panel show regulars, plus hundreds of free shows in amongst the wider programme.

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Three To See on 24 Aug: Lights Over Tesco Car Park, The Providence Of Neighbouring Bodies, Tilda Swinton Answers An Ad On Craigslist
Three To See on 22 Aug: Angry Alan, Revelations, Alice Fraser
Three To See on 21 Aug: Armour, Why Even Bother, Kiri Pritchard McLean
Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Clittery
Three To See on 18 Aug: Daughter, We Are, Darren Harriott
Three To See on 17 Aug: Orlando, Tabarnak, Questing Time
Three To See on 16 Aug: Jan Tait And The Bear, The Myth Of The Singular Moment, Jordan Brookes
Three To See on 14 Aug: Belly Of A Drunken Piano, Six, Felicity Ward
Roman Fraden: Back In The Closet
Zach & Viggo: Where Does The Love Go?
Three To See on 12 Aug: Stick By Me, The Flop, Demi Lardner
Marny Godden: Marny Town
Three To See on 10 Aug: Love Song To Lavender Menace, BARK! The Musical, Adam Riches
Egg: Richard Pictures
Egg: Richard Pictures10 August 2018

Three To See on 9 Aug: John Robertson, Sofie Hagen, Wil Greenway
Three To See on 8 Aug: Ian Smith, Yianni Agisilaou, zazUtinany
Three To See on 7 Aug: Prom Kween, Hot Brown Honey, Rob Auton
Rosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes
Will Close and Rose Robinson: Great British Mysteries
Jake Howie: Read My Lips
Faye Treacy: The Problem With...
Sid Singh: American Bot
Three To See 2018: Three 'dad stand-up' shows
Three To See 2018: Three historical comedy shows
Three To See 2018: Three tenth celebrations
Three To See 2018: Three sketch comedy shows
Three To See 2018: Three musical comedy shows
Three To See 2018: Three debut hours
Three To See 2018: Three stand-ups with a story
John Pendal: We Are Family
Bryony Twydle: Flamingo
TW:DIY: Free Fringe performer Nick Doody
Ian Smith: Craft
Ian Smith: Craft16 June 2018

Yianni Agisilaou: I, Human


Michael Clarke: Felt (Michael Clarke)
Jessie Cave: Sunrise (Jessie Cave with Soho Theatre c/o Curtis Brown Ltd)
Sleeping Trees: World Tour (Sleeping Trees)
Hot Gay Time Machine (Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss)
Alex Kealy: A Kealy's Heel (Alex Kealy)
Fin Taylor: When Harassy Met Sally (The Pleasance in association with PBJ Management)
Spontaneous Potter (Spontaneous Players)
Rory O'Keeffe: The 37th Question (Rory O'Keeffe / PBH's Free Fringe)
Michael Hackett: The Late Mike Show (Michael Hackett)
Flo & Joan: Alive On Stage (Avalon Promotions)
Russell Hicks: A Fist Full Of Ideas (Russell Hicks)
Raymond And Mr Timpkins Revue: Ham (Brett Vincent for Get Comedy)
Lead Pencil: Sex, Drugs And Toilet Roll (Lead Pencil)
Chris Henry: Around The World In 80 Dates (Chris Henry)
Tessa Coates: Witch Hunt (Berk's Nest in association with Curtis Brown)
Stuart Bowden: Our Molecules (NJC Presents)
Pelican: Fisk (Pelican)
Norris And Parker: Burn The Witch (CKP and InterTalent Group present)
Natalie Palamides: Nate (Soho Theatre)
Mr Swallow And The Vanishing Elephant (The Pleasance, Nick Mohammed and United Agents)
Manhunt (Eggbox Comedy)
John Lynn: Addiction Diction (Live Nation / The Stand Comedy Club)
Foil, Arms And Hog: Craicling (WhiteDucks and OTK)
Catherine Bohart: Immaculate (Chambers Touring)
Bennett Arron: I've Never Told Anyone This (Bennett Arron)
Great British Mysteries: 1599? (Great British Mysteries)
The Story Beast: This Is Bardcore (Katie Storey Productions)
Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse (Fight In The Dog in association with United Agents)
Joey Page: Perhaps Under Stars That Would Stretch Forever (An Idiot Explains The Universe In Under An Hour) (Rabbit Rabbit)
Athena Kugblenu: Follow The Leader (So Comedy and Broken Robot Productions by arrangement with Troika)
Alex Edelman: Just For Us (Phil McIntyre Entertainments presents)
Struan Logan: Struan All Over The World (Struan Logan)
Speechless (Cambridge University Performance Technology Society)
Zach & Viggo And Thumpasaurus: Where Does The Love Go? (Stamptown)
Garry Starr Performs Everything (Damien Warren-Smith)
Clara Saves America (Clara Bijl)
Enter The Dragons (A&E Comedy)
Joe Sutherland: Toxic (United Agents)
Rachel Fairburn: The Wolf At The Door (Live Nation)
Andy Zaltzman: Right Questions, Wrong Answers (Andy Zaltzman)
Stuart Mitchell: Gordon Ramsay's Karma Cafe (Gilded Balloon and Stuart Mitchell present...)
Siblings: Acting Out (Maddy and Marina Bye with Mandy Ward Artist Management)
The Leeds Tealights: Souls For Sale (The Leeds Tealights)
Grace (Bloody Livid Theatre Company)
Emma Sidi: Faces Of Grace (Berk's Nest in association with Curtis Brown)
Brain Rinse (Mike Raffone)
WOLF (Lewis Doherty)
WOLF (Lewis Doherty)18 August 2018

Kieran Hodgson: 75 (Kieran Hodgson)
Grant Busé: The Birds And The Beats (Grant Busé)
George Lewis: A Man, a Plan, A Girl With Fake Tan (George Lewis)
Alice Fraser: Ethos (Get Comedy by arrangement with Mushroom Comedy and TGA)
Tilda Swinton Answers An Ad On Craigslist (Tilda Co)
David O'Doherty: You Have To Laugh (Lisa Richards in association with Chambers Management)
Stevie Martin Vol 1 (The Pleasance)
Adrian Minkowicz: Tango Tales (Double The Bet / PBH's Free Fringe)
Christian Finnegan: My Goodness (Live Nation)
Darren Harriott: Visceral (CKP and InterTalent Group Present)
Paul Foot: Image Conscious (IMWP)
Yianni Agisilaou: I, Human (A-List Entertainment and Serious Comedy)
Suzi Ruffell: Nocturnal (Off The Kerb Productions Ltd)
Sara Barron: For Worse (PBJ Management)
The Kinkens (Pip Hambly)
Jacob Hatton: Ozymandias (Jacob Hatton)
Felicity Ward: Busting A Nut (Phil McIntyre Entertainments Presents)
Elf Lyons: ChiffChaff (Mick Perrin Worldwide in association with CKP and InterTalent Group)
Edd Hedges: For Eva, From Forever Ago (RBM Comedy)
Kiri Pritchard McLean: Victim, Complex (Live Nation in association with PBJ Management)
Bad Clowns: Hostage (Bad Clowns Comedy)
Alice Snedden: Self-Titled (Berk's Nest)
Adam Riches Is The Guy Who... (Plosive Productions / Tigco)
Rose Matafeo: Horndog (Berk's Nest in association with Avalon Management)
Questing Time (Monkey Toast)
Nick Elleray: It's Been Emotional (Nick Elleray)
Demi Lardner: I Love Skeleton (Laughing Stock Productions)
David Kay (David Kay / The Stand Comedy Club)
Wil Greenway: Either Side Of Everything (NJC Presents)
Jordan Brookes: Bleed (Fight In The Dog)
Graham Dickson: Timber (Graham Dickson)
zazUtinany (United Agents)
Rob Auton: The Talk Show (Rob Auton)
Gráinne Maguire: I Forgive You; Please Like Me (Live Nation in association with Troika)
Adam Riches Is The Lone Dueller (Fight In The Dog)
Rhys Nicholson: Seminal (Underbelly and Phil McIntyre Management)